Pacosoft Inc started in 2003 as a small Information Technology consulting firm in the town of Ankeny, Iowa in the Midwestern United States.

The company then called Pacoci Inc, provided network automation, support and capacity planning; Data Integration, custom software and web development services for Government, small and midium size organisations in the Greater Des Moines area and all around the state of Iowa.

Pacosoft, Inc opened offices in Canada in the summer of 2008 and is currently a registered canadian corporation with offices in the national capital (Ottawa), a satellite office in Des Moines, Iowa offering global IT consulting services, custom software development, data and system integration for clients in Canada, the United States and around the world, through strategic partnerships.

After these years of learning and numerous successfully implemented projects, we now have a solid and good understanding of the challenges you, as a small business owner, or Director of your company’s IT department, face as you seek to realise your dream and make it a reality before your competitors do.

Our extensive network of certified Microsoft Professionals, Certified Cisco Engineers, Security Analysts, renowned business Consultants and ICT specialists put us in a solid footing to tackle any IT challenge you may be facing. Our international partnership and network also enables us to provide affordable, culturally relevant IT Solutions for many third world governments and private organisations in their efforts to bridge the digital divide.


  • you own a small store,
  • you are in charge of a huge supermarket or office complex,
  • You own a law office,
  • You are a realtor
  • You own a dental clinic or
  • you want to start an on-line business;
  • whether you are a non profit organisation or educational institution,
  • You are a church administrator or IT Decision Maker,
  • You want to build a small home or office network,
  • You are puzzled by vast amounts of software solutions available,
  • You simply need a temporary hand for your current IT needs,
  • You want to re-engineer your business processes and re-align them with IT

we believe part of your desires, is to increase efficiency by providing access and sharing vital information across your organisation and even extending that access to customers, colleagues, associates, Friends and suppliers, you need to and you have to expose your services and products to potential consumers or members.

We are here to help you from where you are now to where you desire to be: we help turn your IT vision from the napkin into reality.

We will assess your needs, analyse your current system to determine your IT maturity level, recommend a plan of action and/or build and deploy a solution that will satisfy and bring business improvement to your organisation within budget and reasonable timeline.

We are also currently developing a number of software packages that will be made available as a service or off the shelve packages.

Please contact us today for a free initial consultation. We value your business.